Our team

Chris Wallace
CEO and Co-Founder, Neko-Inu Global
  • Chief Operating Officer, Capital Management FinTech Co.
  • General Manager, Reco Wealth Management
  • Certified in C#, C++, PHP
  • Expert in Blockchain Technology, Etherium Network, Tron Network, Binance Smart Chain Technology, Solana Blockchain Technology & NFT Technology
  • Master’s degree in Business Management, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor degree in Business IT, University of Pennsylvania
Chen Hong
CTO, Neko-Inu Global
  • Co-Founder of Coinalogy
  • Masters of Science in Applied Computing
  • Certified Blockchain Expert
  • Prior to working in blockchain related endeavours, wealth of experience in helping corporations to obtain IPO status
  • Blockchain Advisor to Lemon Game Corporation
  • +10 years of experience in various technology entities
Sherman Seah
CMO, Neko-Inu Global
  • Marketing Director of WM Group
  • Marketing Lead of WM group branding, WM Pasteur, Pong Saigon, Fong Club
  • Business Development Senior Manager, WGS Consultancy
  • Head of Sales and Marketing (South East Asia), Fujian Hui Xin Group
Steve P
Community Lead